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Management Philosophy

1.Customer driven

To contribute to our customers’ lifestyle and happiness, by taking an international perspective to be the first company to provide a wide range of customers across the nation with an abundance of food, clothing, lifestyle and recreational products and services, with superior systems and planning for improved convenience, economy, fashion and assortment.

2.Employees who are cheerful, responsible, and seek challenges

Our employees approach challenges with a cheerful and positive attitude, to do whatever possible to proactively improve customer satisfaction and broaden their abilities, in order to always maintain the confidence of our customers.

3.Aiming to be an excellent company for food, clothing, lifestyle and recreation

We aim to develop overwhelming superiority as we compete with other companies in the areas of food, clothing, lifestyle and recreational goods and services, and with an image of stability, growth, continuity, and profitability to become an excellent company that attracts capable personnel and makes a contribution to society.

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