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Handling of Personal Information

1. Purpose for Use of Personal Information

Belluna Co., Ltd. and its group companies (the “Group”) shall, under the Personal Information Protection Act (the “PIPA”), use personal information in connection with the following “Operations” to the extent required for the fulfillment of the following "Purpose of Use”.

(1)Purposes of Use
  1. Personal information concerning customers
    1. To dispatch products and to provide after-sales service or information
    2. To send catalogs, direct mail, samples or faxes from the Company or its affiliated companies, to provide information about new products and services, to engage in outbound telemarketing to promote products, to manage credit and collections in connection with transactions, and to conduct other lifestyle proposal-related sales activities
    3. To produce statistical data (from which individuals cannot be identified) for marketing, sales promotion and product planning purposes
    4. To provide catalogs, direct mail and other information from other companies rigorously selected by the Company (the personal information of customers will not be provided to the other companies)
    5. To exchange points for the products of companies that have agreed to exchange their products for the Company’s “Belluna Happy Points”
  2. Personal information concerning customer inquiries
    1. To provide support for products and services, etc. and to deal with inquiries, etc.
  3. Personal information received as a result of being entrusted by another business operator, etc. to handle personal information
    1. To facilitate the appropriate execution of entrusted operations when the Company is entrusted by another business operator, etc. to perform some or all personal information processing operations (receipt of orders, dispatch of goods, administrative processing, information system management and other operations derived from mail order sales)
  4. Personal information concerning other business operators and employees, etc.
    1. To give required business notifications (including sending greetings, etc.), to negotiate, to fulfil contracts or request fulfilment of contracts
    2. To manage the information of vendors/corporate clients and to process payments and receipts
  5. Personal information concerning shareholders
    1. To exercise rights and perform operations in accordance with laws and regulations
    2. To offer various shareholder benefits to the Company’s shareholders
    3. To manage shareholders (prepare shareholder data, etc.) in accordance with laws and regulations
  6. Personal information concerning job applicants
    1. To notify job applicants (including applicants for internships) of recruitment information, etc., to provide other information, and to select applicants for employment
    2. To manage the Company’s recruitment operations
    3. To gain an understanding of the recruitment environment, to verify and otherwise investigate the Company’s recruitment activities, and to use as data for analysis
  7. Personal information concerning employees
    1. To manage the employment of employees

* To improve the quality of call handling within the company and to accurately understand the nature of inquiries, phone calls from customers may be recorded.

2. Shared Use and Provisions

Collected personal information shall not be provided to third parties except in the following cases:

  1. (1)Cases where the consent of the customer him/herself is obtained.
  2. (2)Cases where personal information is shared within the scope based on agreed purposes among the Group.(*)
  3. (3)Cases where the Group is required to disclose personal information by laws and regulations.

3. Provision to Third Parties

The Group shall not provide our customers’ personal information to third parties except for the following cases.
When entrusting customer information to a contractor, with which the Company has executed a confidentiality agreement concerning personal information, to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use indicated to the customer (Example: The contractor is a delivery company; a credit company if the customer has opted to pay by credit; a direct mail service provider for the delivery of catalogs; or a debt collection agency if products have not been paid for.)

4. Disclosure and Amendments

Under the PIPA, the Group accepts requests for disclosure, notice of the purpose of use, and amendments from the person whose information is being used. They also can stop usage of personal information or make provisions concerning personal information of customers held by the Group. For detailed procedures for making these requests, please contact the "Complaint and Request Desk" listed below.
Also, please note that fees may apply for disclosure and notices of the purpose of the use.

5. Questions and Complaints

Questions, complaints and other inquiries from customers concerning the handling of personal information are accepted at the "Complaint and Request Desk".

【Inquiry for Personal Information】

Complaint and Request Desk for Personal Information (In Japanese only)

TEL [toll free only from Japan]
:0120-70-3350 (from 9:00 a.m. to 5:40 p.m. on weekdays)
TEL/Mobile Phone
Web Site URL
:4-2 Miyamoto-cho, Ageo-city, Saitama 362-8688, Japan
:Complaint and Request Desk for Personal Information

【Authorized personal information protection organization】

The Company is a business operator registered with Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community (JIPDEC). The name of the authorized personal information protection organization and the contact details for resolution of complaints are as follows.

Name of authorized personal
information protection organization
:Japan Institute for Promotion of
 Digital Economy and Community (JIPDEC)
Contact for resolution of complaints
:Personal Information Protection Consultation Service Office
:Roppongi First Building,
 9-9 Roppongi 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0032, Japan
TEL [toll free only from Japan]
TEL/Mobile Phone

Please note that these are not contact details for inquiries about the Company’s products or services.

6. About the voluntary nature of personal information disclosure

Please note that disclosure of personal information is voluntary. However, a refusal to provide personal information may limit or affect our ability to provide products or services.

7. Collection of Personal Information from Web Site

  1. (1)About Cookies
    Our web site shall use “Cookies” to recognize customers’ personal computers in order to enhance their convenience of use. Please note that Cookies themselves cannot recognize each customer, and shall be used only for recognition of personal computers.
  2. (2)About SSL
    SSL (Secure Socket Lavers) are used in our web site for the safe transmission of personal information, in which the entered information, such as name, address and telephone number, will be automatically coded. Therefore, in case the sent information is intercepted, there will be no availability for third parties to recognize the contents.
  3. (3) About Information Access Log-In
    When customers access our web site, information regarding access shall remain and be recorded in the Information Access Log. This access log includes domain name, IP address, used browsers and access date, but does not include specific customer information. The Company shall use this information for statistics about usability as well as troubleshooting purposes, and shall not use it for any other purpose.

8. Handling of credit card information

The reasons the Company obtains credit card information (name of cardholder, card number, expiry date) from customers, the name of the party that acquires the credit card information, the name of the parties the information is provided to, and the period of retention of such information are as follows.

  1. (1)Purposes of use
    1. To pay for purchases of the Company’s products
    2. To display as a possible method of payment when an online shop member with registered credit card information makes subsequent orders
  2. (2)Acquirer
    Belluna Co., Ltd.
  3. (3)Parties the credit card information is provided to
    Sumitomo Mitsui Card Co., Ltd., JCB Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS Co., Ltd., Cedyna Financial Corporation, Citi Cards Japan, Inc., TOKYU CARD, INC., APLUS Co., Ltd., UC Card Co., Ltd., Credit Saison Co., Ltd., AEON CREDIT SERVICE CO., LTD., Toyota Finance Corporation
  4. (4)Retention period
    Credit card information is retained until the Company deletes it at the request of the customer. Regardless of the foregoing, the Company may delete credit card information to suit its own convenience.

* Group Companies
Ozio Co., Ltd., Refre Co., Ltd.

* Item of shared use
Name, sex, date of birth, address, telephone number and purchasing history

* Purpose of shared use
Same as “1. Purposes of Use of Personal Information, (1) Purposes of use, 1. Personal information concerning customer (i) – (iv)”

* Method of acquiring shared use data
Acquired through customer management system shared by companies that jointly use the personal information

* Manager in charge of shared use
Kiyoshi Yasuno President and CEO
Belluna Co., Ltd.
4-2 Miyamoto-cho, Ageo-shi, Saitama 362-8688, JAPAN

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