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Privacy Policy

Belluna Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) and its group companies collect various personal information from all the stakeholders, such as customers, vendors/corporate clients, shareholders and employees through its mail order business, finance business, Internet business, solution business and real estate business (hereinafter “the Businesses”). For the purpose of keeping collected personal information private, the Group shall appropriately manage its businesses to avoid various risks by understanding the keystone of related laws, legal risks and management risks. Also, the Group believes that it is most necessary for us to establish a system to comply with laws and regulations including its information system.

The Group has three pillars as our management philosophy, “Customer-driven,” “Employees who are cheerful, responsible and seek challenges” and “Aiming to be an excellent company.” Collected personal information is the very core of our business, and the Group has been effectively utilizing its database.

In recent years, with the progress of information technology, many companies have established a system of database management to prevent leaking or other risks, while still being able to easily collect and analyze customers’ information.

The Group shall safely keep and accumulate collected personal information while understanding the importance of adopting. Under this policy, the Group endeavors to handle our database appropriately and rigidly, and this is our commitment to all stakeholders.

Privacy Policy

  1. The Group shall comply with laws, regulations and guidelines related to protection of personal information, when handling it is necessary for all businesses and employment. In addition, the Group shall protect it with a management system based on its “Compliance Program” for the “Protection of Personal Information” (JISQ15001).
  2. The Group shall limit the collection or use of personal information, and collected information shall not be used outside of the established purpose. Also, the Group shall formulate appropriate management measures to ensure that the information is used only within the scope of the purposes of its use, and is not used outside that scope.
  3. The Group shall not provide personal information to any third party, except in the case where the consent of the customer him/herself is obtained, or if required under laws and regulations.
  4. In the case where any complaint is made to us in relation to the handling of personal information, the Group shall examine the details and endeavor to handle the complaint appropriately within a reasonable length of time.
  5. The Group shall take measures to protect its information system, employees, and techniques for appropriate management of collected personal information. At the same time, the Group shall endeavor to prevent illegal access, loss, damage, tampering with or leaking of information.
  6. The Group shall continuously update our compliance program for changes in the social situation and environment, and improve our approach to protect personal information.

Establishment: March 1, 2005
Revision: March 31, 2011

Belluna Co., Ltd.
President and Chief Executive Officer
Kiyoshi Yasuno

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