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Since our foundation in 1968, we have branched out from our core mail order sales business into a wide range of services with “customer-driven and customer-focused” as keywords, in line with our corporate philosophy of “enriching customers’ lives through food, clothing, lifestyle and recreational goods and services.”

The driving force of Belluna’s success is our “portfolio approach”, which involves effectively using the management resources cultivated through our mail order business to branch out into diverse business areas, thus achieving stable growth and profitability. Not only does each of our businesses contribute to growth and profitability as individual pillars, they also show synergy with each other and generate new value.

Our mid and long-term policy is to "reach maturity as a mail-order trading conglomerate through achievement of 300 billion yen in sales while earning 30 billion yen in operating income."

Kiyoshi Yasuno
President and CEO

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